Rear Facing Cameras

Reverse Camera Kits- OEX

Lilydale Auto Electrics uses and recommends the OEX Reverse Camera Kit.

The OEX camera range can provide an advanced visual reversing aid package suitable for all required applications, from a light vehicle through to a prime mover with a trailer.

Each camera platform is designed to work with the application in mind. These cost effective units are suitable for passenger and four wheel drive vehicles and reach up to an IP68 rating. Some of the cameras have automatic lens covers, LED lighting and microphones which are suited for extreme conditions.

There are two commercial camera kits available that provide the required components for a complete operating system. These units can receive a second camera input and trigger between the two through your selected signal feed. If your application requires a third or fourth camera input, the Quad camera control box (Part No. ACX5923) can receive and control the desired camera and even display all four at once.

The range also features a trailer camera system, capable of hard mounting the heavy duty camera on the trailer, with the ability to disconnect through the supplied trailer plug and suzi coil. Four 4 pin transmission cables are available ranging from five to twenty meters for custom requirements.

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