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Having 240 volts of electrical power on hand, no matter where you are would be really handy. Well now you can with the latest Inverter devices. These electrical voltage converters or inverters can convert your 12 volt battery power into 220 volts so you can do everything from charge your laptop right through to welding up a chassis. But you need to know what you are doing. There are a range of different brands and different specifications to consider.

Talk to the experts at Lilydale Auto Electrics and they have the advice and products that can help you produce the power you need.

Based in Lonsdale, South Australia, Redarc has over 30 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products including inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, CANBus modules, turbo timers, glow plug timers, trailer braking products and customised electronic modules.

Essentially, Redarc’s products are attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, rail, trucks, mining equipment, bus and emergency vehicles.

You will hear people talking about Pure Sign Wave Inverters. All AC (alternating current) that powers most homes is made up of a sine wave. Inverters convert DC to AC so you can run 240 volt home type appliances. Cheaper inverters produce a modified sine wave rather than the better pure sine wave. Typically more complex electrical products will require a pure sine wave.

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