Upgrade Your Headlights

Narva GlobesCar manufacturers are in business to make money and in order to do this, they shave their manufacturing costs down as far as they can. Unless they are selling a topline prestige model, they will choose the cheapest parts or suppliers they can.

It is for this reason that many cars have barely adequate headlights. You only have to read the ‘letter’s to the editor’ in the car sales section of popular newspapers to hear about car owners complaining about their headlights.

Luckily there are some very affordable options. Narva make a great range of high performance headlight globes that will make an amazing difference, especially if you do a bit of country driving.

Night driving can be dangerous, especially if animals stray onto the road. Inadequate lighting could give you a reduced time to react. Better quality lighting will make your driving both easier and safer. Call Geoff at Lilydale Auto Electrics on (03) 9725 2886 and ask him what he recommends.

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