Charging System

Charging SystemThe charging system is one of the most important parts of the electrical system as this keeps the battery charged so the vehicle will start and so that the lights, central locking, electric windows, heaters, ignition and other electrical systems all work properly.

Your battery is kept charge by the belt driven alternator. The alternator is spun by the rubber belt from the crankshaft and the rotating action generates a charge. The degree of charging taking place is controlled by the regulator.

The alternator and regulator are usually very reliable but as the mileage increases with use, the bearings can eventually wear out and the alternator can fail. It is also not unusual for the alternator or fan belt to fail and this will also prevent the alternator from charging. The alternator, water pump and engine fan often share the same rubber belt.

Failure of the charging system for any of the above reasons will usually cause a warning light to shine Red on the dashboard. It is vital that you quickly contact Lilydale Auto Electrics if you see ANY warning lights on the dashboard.

Lilydale Auto Electrics keeps a range of new and reconditioned alternators in stock so we can get you back on the road fast.

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