Auto Electrics

Your cars electrical system is one of the most vital parts of your car and any faults can leave you stranded or do serious damage to your car.
The electrical system starts with your battery. This gives you the correct voltage to start your car via the starter motor and then power everything from your headlights to your radio.

As cars become more sophisticated, the electric system has become far more complex and many new cars have 5-6 computers that handle everything from the management of your engine to the operation of your Automatic Braking System (ABS).

And cars are become very clever with many performing self diagnosis and warning you of potential faults.

At Lilydale Auto Electrics we have the correct test equipment to quickly trace any faults and get you back on the road fast and at a fraction of the cost of a new car dealer.

And we ensure that all our work complies with all factory warranties.

We will even help with the smallest task such as changing light globes or fuses.

Our most popular tasks include:

– Repairing tow bar or trailer lighting systems
– Installing or calibrating alcohol Interlock ignition lock systems
– Dashboard fault light checking
– Repair electric windows operation
– Supply and fit car battery
– Supply and fit car or 4WD second batteries
– Car radio, stereo or CB radio installation
– Upgraded headlights
– Repair charging systems including alternators
– Repair or install central locking systems

Of course we also repair electrical systems in boats, caravans, motor homes, trucks, vans and farm equipment.

Call Mark today on (03) 9725 2886 and discuss your requirements.